Uri is available as a consultant for San Francisco Bay Area companies looking for an exreemly capable and talented industrial designer.

Products and services (be they physical or digital) carry your company's vision, history, and future with them. It is often easy for that message to get diluted or even lost through the production cycle. I work hard to make sure your products have the features to bring true value to your customers.

I am mainly interested in tech companies looking to gain a competative edge through great design. I strive to create a fantastic bond between your product and your consumer by crafting novel user experiences.

My greatest passion is to plan and develop those first few moments of discovery and interaction with a new object that resonate and carry with the user for years (sometimes well beyond the life of the product!).

My skills include: ethnographic research, conceptual design, mechanical design, digital and traditional media visualization, CAD development, prototyping, graphic design, packaging, photography, presentation, and branding.